Wondering about Phone Hacking

Well I’ll keep this fairly brief,

I was on Twitter this morning on my mobile and followed  a link which took me to an article in the Daily Mail – all well and good you might think. Just as I’m about to start reading a pop up window appears informing me that the best way to read the Daily Mail was to download their FREE app. Cool this would make life a bit easier I thought so I clicked the OK button and went to the App Store where the App appeared and provided me with the download screen. I clicked download and the next screen – which is failry standard allown you to accept and install. Just before I did this I decided to read the permissions that the App was asking me to accept. On the surface it lookd fairly straight forward, however when you click on the line stating that the app requires access to your phone details you can see that what they are actually asking you to accept is that they can track when you are on the phone making a call and believe it or not who you are calling.

What in hell does the newspaper want to know that for other then to get information that you would not normally divulge. What a bloody cheek – the problem is most people won’t check down to this level and will just install the app, and the Daily Mail and no doubt other newspapers who probably use similar apps know that. Hey presto you have allowed them to do this because you clicked Accept and Install.

I strongly suggest everyone remove this APP and looks very closely at other Newspaper APPS.

Be Warned…….

Till next time

Coach Gordon

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